Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 51: War Monk!

The day began slowly with Nick bursting wide awake, cold but sweaty, inside of Sam's sleeping bag. Mind racing too fast for sleep to catch up, he sat down by the riverside studying the riveting vocabulary words of the GRE so that he may one day rule the absurd standardized test that effectively proves how much mundane information and pointless patterns one can learn so that they may be lucky enough to take part in the US system of masters level education. Ugh, maybe I'll move to Europe.

Eventually Sam and Luke yawned awake, and we trudged down to the Longstar's greasy overpriced and unsatisfying buffet. At least we got to watch the US men's basketball and water polo teams school the Chinese. Such a heavy meal resulted in such greasy hair, that I decided to shave it allllll off. Not just a buzz, a mach3 to the scalp is what we're talking about. So we went down to the river behind the generous chapel (that let us use their shower) and hacked away. Sam cut and buzzed the head and Luke's deft hand razored it smooth.

(Old hacked head)

With that we went back to the Dirty Dirty Shame saloon, BBQed and took off down the riverside hills to the Emmet Reservoir. Perfect place to camp it was, and to test fighting skills. There was a nice little temple-like shelter house that fit my new monkish look and I presided over the battle that sparked between Luke and Sam.

(Not as mean as I look:])

(Sam has had enough of Luke's lip)

(Luke slaps, Sam jabs!)

Worn out from the fight, Luke and I sat down to a romantic setting sun with a bottle of mixed red wine on reservoir dock while Sam learned more about the evil side of humanity from a friend back home in Athens. Before a brokeback scene burst out of Luke and I some older middle schoolers/young high schoolers in white tee shirts jumped off the dock and swam over for us to pull them out, hahaha smirks resulted from the silliness. Little girls gone, a drunk old fiftysomething fisherman roared his boat in, lent us some smoke, beer, good cheer and went on his way.

(Goodnight sun)

A Red beans/rice/sourkraut/noodles/kimchee dinner set us straight and we pushed off into the bushes to camp where there is "NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING!"


Aunt Esther said...

Nicolai,and comrades, or should I say Rinpoche Nic? I have been away at camp and missed reading your blogs daily. I returned home and have been howling for the last half hour. Love the new doo! You guys are a hoot. Nick, not sure where you will be in Sept, but Ken and I will be visiting with your folks and Mia the weekend of Sept 28th. Love you,
Aunt Esther

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that you guys made it to your destination. I'd like to read about it/view it AND see a final picture of the entire map.

That's really amazing, you know, if you did make it...:)

Stacie B.

Jenny Metts (from the river) said...

Andy B -

Hello! I just talked to your momma and she said you were going to be home on Wednesday, Sept 3rd. I just finished reading all of the blog and I think it is soooo great that you did this. You are all three very brave. I can't seem to leave Athens or Hockingport. I can't wait to see you and get your story. Your momma is missin you way bad. See ya at the river!

Jenny Metts