Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 46 : Make Way for Mackay

mArco polo, well we found it and with glowing smiles ate of it’s bosom and pickles. That was yesterday; today we found that luck is much more than Irish. Getting an early move on Sam wakes and quakes before everyone else, his quakes are the rushing of air into his trachea as he sleeps and last night it sounded suspiciously like a Tesla coil. With breakfast burning the last to awake, me as always, we pack up and with our new heading given to us by the premier dog sled champion of the world ranked only under one other, slap rubber to pavement. It’s a new breakfast filled with Quaker lies and betrayal. After buying a box of their new “All Natural” pecan hot cereal we grow excited at trying something so seemingly cheap and at the exact same time good for you? Let’s see how this turns out, first off the box is filled with other smaller packets, so much for their plea to create less waste and then it donned upon us to read the ingredients closer. What do we find, Christ the corporation just don’t quit, “Natural spices” if anyone has ever looked into yuppie eating styles they know “Natural spices” is totally a cop out, it’s just another way of saying we are going to feed you what ever we want and your just going to sit there groovin’ on it. My hats off to you Quaker, you pulled one over on us, we admit, but not again we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Back to the main subject our forsaken trek across endless sage brush. Our humming tires roll us across some beautiful landscapes and deserted towns, and by the way there are a lot of real estate agents out here, so I guess if you’re looking for land that offers nothing but mountains to all sides of you, your best bet would be Idaho. Anyway we make it to Makay a nice town with about half the population of Arco and ten times as nice, with much to our surprise we ride in to the wonderful little eunuch on a white bicycle directing our kind, cyclists, to stay in such lane to be safe and guided to our destination.

Well that little he/she takes us right to another hamburger, shake joint and by god do we indulge. So many quirky names for a hamburgers here; well I could go into some made up names and really entertain but we can save that for the revision stage. But we eat and fill, then with quite the annoying waitress who claims to have seen us in Arco continues to assure us their burgers are much better than the joint down the street. We trust her judgment but not her kosher got dogs. After exhausting our welcome with attained directions the library is not far from our future. Blogging ensues and that’s all I need to tell you about, oh just one thing, the library was a wonderful place to do everything we needed. If every library were like that we would not have fallen behind on days. Blogging finished and our bellies ready for more the trio hits up the other burger shake joint in town and long story short almost exactly the same and come to find out the workers have the ability to put both places down as references for their future endeavors into the work force. On the road again (Nelson, uhh… not sure what year) and only a few miles down the way, a beautiful campsite is acquired, a lake is bathed in and sleep is found with open arms and heavy eyelids.

Miles: 31

Morale: Sinister shakes stir controversy in small Idaho town.


Lord have mercy on my wicked son said...


But also released by Canned Heat in 1968. As much as I love Mr. Nelson, the Canned Heat song is better.

mrpepple said...

I've been to the Pickles in Arco. Unmemorable except for the huge Department of Energy facility across the street. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who got freaked out by it.

Glad to hear things are still rolling, but Denver wishes you guys would come through more often (return trip?)