Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 47 : Just like Nori (Japanese Red Alga) in the Wind

(above: Nick and Luke gearing up)

We rose late something like 10:00 and after input and output we hit the road sometime around 1:00. More like we set sail; there was an anomalaeic ( root: anomaly) tailwind, blowing a good 15 mph from the Southeast.

(below: Luke sails northward.
Believe it or not, he is wearing pants)

( below: beautiful mountains to our east)

(below: Borah Peak- the highest peak in Idaho)

Wind assistance afforded us the privilege of traveling some 20 miles in 60 minutes, at which time an opposing force (gravity) from the 5% graded hill of 5 miles took our velocity back down to 7 mph. Please, let me save you the trouble of roughly calculating the vertical gain from the aforementioned numbers; we gained approximately 1,000 feet. At the summit of the pass (7,200 ft.) we stopped for some pb and j’s on marbled rye.

(below: Luke rests in front of the previously traversed terrain)

(below: Nick steadies the bike in preparation for PBJ)

After the pass, we descended some 2,000 more feet and arrived in Challis, Idaho 3.5 hours later. First stop was a kitchy-ass RV lobby with some mediocre milkshakes and the bum news that they would charge us $26 for pitching our tent. We then proceeded to check out the public library, which was hot, sticky, and lackluster—we didn’t get much blogging accomplished. We then road down to the bar and grill filling up on burgers, beer, and the eventual chess game.

(below: entering the canyon 12 miles south of Challis)

(below: Luke making moves. *note: professinal board)

Miles. 48

Morale. Slumpy, Lumpy, but eventually level


Anonymous said...

Luke, pull up your pants, boy!

Anonymous said...

I love the recent phgtos. What are the next towns on the route? What river are you following? I am checking the terrain on goggle maps. Keep enjoying the journey. Love,
Billp (Sam's dad)