Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Trio here.

Today is Tuesday August 5th, , our 46th day of riding. We are sitting in a public library in Mackay, Idaho working on the blog after a good meal. I know many of you probably thought we were either run over by a Mack truck, found three Russian wives had children and started a commune in Wyoming, rented a Uhaul and are now at the Pacific coast, or simply quit. However close any of those situations came to becoming reality, here we are, 2,300 miles from home having a blast grinding out the last few weeks of the trip.
The blog is now some 16 days behind and we see a few things standing in our way. First of all we set an enormously high standard of travel journalism for the first 30 days, trying hard to take you along on the journey with us. This extensive documentation was arduous but realistically accomplished when we were traveling through the more heavily populated regions of the Midwest and plains; there were more public libraries who were more accommodating to our needs, plus our energy level was higher. Since being in Wyoming we have seen many less people (500,000 state total), and thus less libraries. Also, we have been taking our sweet time experiencing the landscape conversing on philosophy and taking a more introverted introspection –spending more of our dwindling energy experiencing the trip than documenting it.
This aside, we have been feeling a little lame for not keeping up with the high standard we set. Yesterday we attempted to blog at the Arco public library, but could not find our muse considering the non-condusive environment; 30 minutes at the computer with one 30 minute extension ($5) was all a person was allowed to do in a day. This left us perplexed. How do we catch up with 15 days of blog without sacrificing quality? We spent a good time discussing our options, figuring out what our goals were in writing the blog: wanting to take you readers on a journey and the resultant ego boost to have a captivated following, and the personal documentation, a skeleton for our eventual book . We contemplated just stopping the blog now, or writing a more watered down version. If you haven’t gathered yet, none of us view quiting as a very desirous solution to any problem.
We decided that we are going to start blogging about yesterday and continue to keep the present days up to date, while we catch up on the lagging 15 days. Every night a member of the trio will sit down with the laptop and compose a blog entry offline. Those compositions will be saved in the harddrive waiting to be uploaded for your reading pleasure once we secure internet connection. Today you can read about yesterday, and slowly you will notice the appearance of the missing days 30-45. The days should be in chronological order, so you will see them appear before the current day. If the strategy works, the longest lull you will experience should be at most a few days.

Prepare yourselves for a good ride through Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon.
Thanks so much
(Our progress from Denver, CO to Arco, ID. Blogger would not allow for a horizontal orientation, so rotate it 90 degrees clockwise)


Anonymous said...

hi nicky boy! hope all is well! keep on keepin on! be safe! (hope i havent called you lately lol) bye deary! luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about being a little relax with your postings. I can't believe that with all you three are taking on that you have posted anything at all. I do love hearing from you and feeling a little part of your trip. I am proud of all of you and I will continue to pray for you daily. Love,
Kim Pepple(mom)