Monday, September 8, 2008

Tour de fin

Hello to everyone still looking at this summer time journey. The trio wanted to say Thank you! to everyone who treated us as their own. And to encourage future flashes to the blog, I am sure we will update the rest soon. Once the pictures are distributed and we all put in our two cents. I (Luke) am now back in Athens and living life as it seems nothing spectacular had just happened to me, but it was. I learned so much about human nature and myself, I can't seem to find the old me. Athens has become a known stranger and an intrusive ear upon my life, I need the road to make me feel normal. I am sure it will all subside with time but until then I let our blogging family know how the trips end has effected me.

Miles: In any direction

Morale: Wonderfully passing time waiting for the next novelty.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Luke, Nick, and Sam for giving all of us a wonderful summer following your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Luke and Sam: I'm anxious to hear how the last few days of your trip went after your stay with us in Bend, Oregon. I hope you update your blog sometime! Dave and I wish you the very best of luck in the future.

CJ/Rick said...

A funny thing happened this afternoon. I was googling sunburn images since I got one this weekend to use in an email(I don't like using pics of myself). I stumbled on this account of your adventure and have spent more than a few hours now reading. How interesting and kind for you to share.

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